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Hand-painted signs

Draw customers into your business

In today's technology-centered world, people take for granted the signs that permeate their environment: traffic signs, directional signs, huge billboards, realtor yard signs, warning signs, windows and store fronts... the list is long. But before computers were available, signs were hand painted and hand lettered. The art of hand-painting signs takes years to develop and teetered on a lost art for a while.


Because technology lessened the time to deliver signs, interest in hand-crafted signs waned during the 1980s and 90s. However, in the past decade, the nearly lost art of hand-painted signage is making a comeback. Sign painting is now being reinvented by a new generation of artists and graphic designers who respect the older traditions.

One of these new artisans is Seth Goodman, who learned hand painting 40 years ago from his uncle

"A hand-painted sign is by nature, unique," Seth said. "A great sign is one that can be so simple that the average person won't notice it for its art but will understand its message at a glance. If a sign doesn't communicate, it doesn't succeed."

To learn more about the tradition of hand-painted signs, watch this movie.

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