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Carved & Sandblasted Signs

The ultimate eye-catcher!

A category of signs that stands out above all the rest are permanent 3D signs, either carved or sandblasted. The wood grain inherent in these signs make them especially eye-catching.

What is the difference between carved and sandblasted signs?

While the materials used are generally the same (redwood, cedar or high-density urethane foam), the final visual effect differs. A computer generated file is used in both processes to program the router for the depth of the grooves and style of grooves.

A carved sign is when the lettering, borders, or logos are “V” grooved or straight routed into the wood creating an indented effect. A smooth flat material ends with a smooth flat surface, with the letters essentially carved into the wood.

For sandblasted signs, a “mask” is generated using a specialized material on a plotter. This mask is then applied to the substrate face. Once applied, a sandblasting spray is used to remove the negative materials (that portion not covered by the mask), thereby making it the visual opposite of a carved sign.

For both carved and sandblasted signs, additional effects and features can be added such as gold leaf and even full color graphics.

If you would like more information on a permanent 3D sign, give Seth Goodman a call at 570-237-1905.




Sand blasted sign in progress


Gold leaf